So I got in the stand around 1:15pm – I’m still not convinced solunar calendars work, particularly since I have one from Mossy Oak and one called Time2Hunt Lite on my phone, and they almost never agree.  In this case, the Mossy Oak app said 2:10pm – 5:38pm was the time to be in the woods yesterday.

So, I’m in my ladder stand in Powder Springs GA – about 15 minutes from my house. We know there are 5 tiny does there, I’ve seen ’em, and folks have told me there are two six points, two four points, and a ‘monster 9 pointer.’  They, including my wife, have seen the small bucks, but I’ve only heard people TALK about the big one, so I take that with a grain of salt and think of it like those ‘messing with Sasquatch’ commercials.

I have two stands of my own: a second-hand API that works and is fairly comfortable for someone my size, and a $50 ladder stand that would be comfortable for somebody under 6′ tall, which I am not.  I got into the stand after dragging a Code Red Estrous soaked scent dispenser all the way to a tree 15 yards away from my stand, the best shot I have with my bow from that stand, and hung the drag at my eye level, then re-soaked it.   I climbed in the stand, got everything set the way I wanted it and waited about twenty minutes, then hit my can-call.

Sure enough, ten minutes later I stood up when I heard movement out in front of me. And a medium bodied six point rushed out of the heavy cover to my RIGHT, where I can’t shoot, straight to the bottom of my stand, looked up, had a full blown heart attack, reversed course to the bushes, then eyeballed me for about five minutes. He’d take a step, stomp, take a step, stomp, turn his head so he could get the other eyeball on me, stomp, etc. as he worked his way further to my right until he was behind me and could slip away.

Meanwhile, the big man (me) was playing ‘living statue holding a bow.’  I think I deserve at least a Tony award for this live performance, because other than his initial “OMG!” he went away without panicking, snorting, or otherwise freaking out further.

And let me tell you, having a Bowtech Insanity CPXL held halfway up in my left hand and keeping it still for this amount of time was NOT comfortable. What had happened was that the wind was still when I pulled my drag into the woods, but it had picked up VERY slightly, I had to use my puff-powder two or three times to catch the difference, and it was now blowing from where I hung the drag right past my tree, so he had homed in directly to the scent.  If I had a hunting knife out I could have Rambo-dived out of the tree on him (I wouldn’t though, too old for shenanigans like that) but let’s face facts, if I dove out of the tree on his back, I wouldn’t NEED a knife.  He’d be flat.

He didn’t come back yesterday, but I know I can get him once he relaxes, so I’ll try again, from a different tree using my climber, tomorrow evening.


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