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My father is VERY hard of hearing these days (he’s over 70 now) and I’ve tried and tried to get him to use the electronic headphones I bought him to hunt with. Not only will the help him hear in the woods, they will help him NOT lose what little hearing he has left. I wear mine about half of the time, depending on what firearm I’m using. For example, my ported 7mm Mag, .300 RUM, or .454 Casull are 100% ‘wear hearing protection’ firearms, as they are VERY loud.


A guest post by John O’Connor, who wishes to spread his droplet of information to disperse throughout the universe. Read it – it provides some interesting practical information for the curiosity for the outdoors:

Hi my name is John O’Connor, I am a father, outdoorsman and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. Over the past few years I have become more and more interested in hearing loss. My father and grandfathers, who are and were all hunters, are affected by hearing loss. I feel that there is a general lack of understanding around the issue and it is our job to spread awareness where we can. Check out my new blog at!

Hunting and Preventing Hearing Loss

Some statistics show that 80% of hunters suffer from some degree of hearing loss. With numbers this high, there should be a strong emphasis on understanding ways to prevent hearing loss…

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