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My 8 point last year was like that – very tough, very very gamey and without a day or two in a good marinade, rough on the taste buds.


No. 5

Trophy Bucks are just that, “Trophies”

My dear husband has yet to get that, “Trophy Buck,” I am secretly hoping he never does. I have had friends give us meat from the prized buck and I have yet to say, “Wow, that was great” usually it’s tough and gamier than a normal. Plus, with Chronic Wasting Disease, I think we’ll pass.

Camp fire Hobos were one of my favorite recipes growing up. There is something about having your own package of food. My kids still love to get the lunchables, because of the packaging. I chose this recipe for Minnesota Bound because it is quick, easy and a fun way to introduce city slickers to wild game.

The cooking portion of the episode is short and always in the very middle of the show.  It’s not hard to find.

You can use any kind of ground…

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