Posted: 11/01/2012 in Hunting

I’ve got plans for next weekend – venison burgers (with egg and breadcrumbs, like mini meatloaves) and a bacon wrapped, rosemary-and-thyme smoked Venison roast. As for today, I need to make 6 lasagna today for a wedding tomorrow…

Antonia Cooks

This weekend a member of the hunt came over bearing a side of roe deer as a thank you for allowing them to shoot on our land; so on Monday it needed to be butchered into manageable pieces.  After about an hour and a lot of knife sharpening I had a huge leg, a long slab of fillet, a kidney and about 2 ½ kilos of stewing meat packed away in freezer bags.  You might be wondering where the shoulder went – as the deer was shot just behind the foreleg it meant there were bits of bone fragment and shot around the shoulder.  Consequently, it was easier to clean and remove the bits of bone fragment from the shoulder by cutting it into stewing meat.

In France they do not tend to hang meat (in general) for very long – in this instance the deer had not been hung…

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