Sorry for the ‘silence’ over the weekend, I had to have a factory reset done on my HTC Incredible (*spit*) last week, and since I’m replacing it this week, I didn’t set up all of my apps and accounts to be able to post from the field.  I spent the weekend in Middle Georgia again, part of it hunting, part of it sick to my stomach with the flu, and part of it working on improving our hunting property.

The gallery below has photographs of two decoy setups I used this weekend, same flat, folding decoy at both sites.  The first site is one of our hot spots for deer, the owner harvested a small doe from the same stand in the evening, while I was on the opposite side of the property with the decoy set up near a food plot.  Our plots did terrible this year, it hasn’t rained on our camp in nearly six weeks, and what had already sprouted, the deer ate right up, which is why those photos look like I’m in a desert.

Saturday night I cooked everybody’s favorite sausage with peppers and onions, with acorn squash on the side.

Sunday, I spent a good part of the day sick, however we worked on removing one of the unsafe stands in the afternoon – we have a solid replacement ready to go, we just didn’t have all of the equipment on hand to finish it and put it up.


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