Posted: 10/26/2012 in Hunting

I’ve seen the same thing – and I’m going to middle Georgia this weekend for two days of pin-the-ammo-on-the-swamp-donkey!

Life At Tombstone Creek

We’ve seen an uptick of daytime movement over the past week.  The October lull is coming to an end and a cold front is about to hit Northern Missouri.  We’re looking forward to seeing more movement from mature bucks.  We’ve had some really fun groups in camp and we’re looking forward to some new groups coming into camp for rut hunts.  One of our early season clients recently sent us this note:

Paul, I wanted to thank you and Seth for a great week.  Your hospitality was great.  The facilities are basic but that is part of the charm.  We’re there to hunt and see game, not sit around at camp.  This was a first time hunting camp experience that I was able to enjoy with my son… and that we did.  It was especially great to be able to hunt relatively close to him on the same location so…

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