Fridge Packed? Brine That Bird in a Cooler

Posted: 10/25/2012 in Cooking, Hunting, Hunting Camp, Real Avid
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12:30 PM / October 25, 2012
/ Posted by Bon Appetit

I’ve brined pork chops at camp before using 1-2 gallon ZipLoc bags, never thought of doing larger birds this way.

(Credit: Zach Desart)

We love to brine, but around Thanksgiving the fridge can get too packed to fit the bird-in-a-bag. When that happens, a cooler can be your best friend. –Kay Chun
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(*Note: I’ve brined thick-cut pork chops at camp before, some salt, sugar, spices and water in a large zip lock bag, place your chop in the bag for a few hours-to-overnight, drain, pat dry, re-season with dry seasonings and grill. They come out VERY juicy! – Niko*)


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