Posted: 10/22/2012 in Hunting

Of all my friends, I seem to be one of the few that uses 100% scent control and either curiosity or estrus scents.

The Scentmaster

Without a doubt, the rut is the ultimate for big buck encounters.  But if you’re hunting a specific buck, it’s hard to tell where he may be; for all we know, he could be several miles down a drainage or in a pasture chasing estrous does.  In November, I may very well kill a big buck that’s been hunted by another deer hunter in a completely different location.  So it stands to reason that, while the rut is great for seeing nomadic giants, it quite possibly could be the toughest time to kill a specific mature buck.  The does are his pattern right now.  So… can we take advantage of the rut’s influence on specific mature deer we’re targeting on our properties?  Late October scrape hunting is that meal ticket for us.  That’s what this blog entry is all about.

I’m pretty passionate about a lot of things … family…

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