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You’d be amazed at how many people I’ve seen over the years that don’t even know how to wax a bow string.

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By  Will Jenkins

No matter the price of your bow it’s still an investment and it only makes sense to take care of the investment. The better care you take of your bow the longer it will stand up to the abuse of hunting.

Your strings and cables will break down faster than anything on your bow. Keeping them lubricated with string wax is important to their longevity. Some people put wax on every single time they shoot. Maybe I shoot too often but that just causes build up for me. I put wax on my strings ever 2nd or 3rd time I shoot. Make sure you use a decent brand of wax that is soft and after you apply it rub up and down the string with your fingers to warm the wax and incorporate it into the string.

There is also a lot of information out…

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