Hog Hunting – One Day at Beaver Dam WMA

Posted: 10/15/2012 in Archery, Feral Hog, Gable Sporting Goods, Georgia DNR, Hunting
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I got up at 2:30am Saturday morning to drive appx. 140 miles and hunt hogs at Beaver Dam WMA near Dublin GA based entirely on a brief conversation with other hunters a week ago at Cohutta WMA.

I arrived just at dawn, changed into my hunting gear and started to scout around.  The weather was great, all the mosquitos said so while they were telling me ‘Deet? We like that flavor!’ (Yeah, I know, I have got to break down and buy a Thermacell.)   I saw hog signs right from the beginning, literally just inside the gate in the photos below you can see hog runs, rooted up spots, and tracks of both deer and hogs.  I found places that can’t have been older than a few hours where hogs had tore up the ground looking for food.

I also found a perfect spot to put a stand up. It was a hollow filled with oak and dogwood trees, with the loam so churned up it looked like somebody had ran a rototiller through the forest.  After three hours or so of scouting, I decided to set my stand in that hollow and wait the rest of the day, so I went back to the truck to change into lighter clothing and get my climber.  An hour later, I was 20′ or so up in a tree waiting for hogs.

I have a long history of success based on ‘find a great spot, put a stand up, stay in the stand’ tactics. That’s how I outfoxed my 8 point last year, I spent 11.5 hours in the stand, only getting down long enough to apply fresh doe estrus to the scent pad 40 yards from my stand around 3pm.

This time, I was in the stand for just over seven hours.  I could HEAR hogs in the heavy brambles on the other side of the ranger’s access road, all day long, grunting and at times sorting out their differences, but none of the tasty engines of destruction wandered my way.

Then around 4pm, two hunters, what looked like an older gentleman and his wife, wandered down the ranger road about 30 yards from my stand, talking. Loudly.  Every fifty yards or so, the man would poke around in the bushes and brambles on the other side of the track, but that’s it.

I thought ‘Alright! Maybe these two will spook something further down the line and it’ll come my way!’

Nothing.  around 6:15 or so, they came back through, talking  twice as loud. Then they hung around within 50 yards of my stand, yelling back and forth to each other. I think the woman finally spotted me, they weren’t speaking English or Spanish, but I couldn’t make out anything particular, I want to say they were yelling in Italian, but I could be 100% wrong.

Finally, they left.

I alway perk up after folks like this leave, most animals don’t reason the way we do, so if noisy hunters walk by, animals know where they are by the noise, and focus on those hunters. I’ve seen a lot of game after inept hunters travel through areas where I hunt.  Not this time, ten minutes after they left, one small hog burst out of the brambles on the other side of the road, ran into the smell of where the two hunters walked by, and dashed right back into the brambles.

Oh well, I’ll try again soon.


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