Posted: 10/11/2012 in News

*groan* and I’m on a diet….

elk burger

I’ve struggled with game burgers from the beginning.  Mine have always resembled a hockey puck or baseball and have been similarly dry, dense, and tasteless.  But then this summer came, grilling season kicked off, and everything changed for me and my burgers.

I can’t quite recall where the article came from, but I think it was from those geniuses at Williams Sonoma.  Apparently, and many of you may already know this, but the trick to a great burger is very little handling of the raw burger meat.  You quickly form your patty, put a small dent right in the center (to avoid baseball syndrome) and put it down.  There’s no shaping and re-shaping, pounding and smacking.  I believe that by somewhat loosely forming your patties, you are allowing the juices to course through the burger.

So this first trick applies to the general burger population, but here’s another trick…

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