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Hunting came into my life during my vegetarian years in the form of my husband. Here I was a dyed in the wool vegetarian that had just been diagnosed with anemia. My doctor had just told me, eat more red meat. “Eat more red meat!? I don’t eat any red meat sir.” I said with a sniff. This didn’t ruffle him a bit, “Well then it is time to start.” With this information rolling around in my thoughts, in stepped strong and handsome hunter, stage left.

I must confess, this was a conundrum, I really liked this guy but he was a “hunter”. He kept wooing me and I kept being wooed and before you knew it he brought venison to the freezer. Then he got busy cooking it up. (He is a remarkable cook.) I cautiously peered into his giant skillet filled with sizzling meat, onions and apples. Hummm…

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