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The closest I’ve come this year to getting a shot, both does approached my position from a direction that made me stand and turn to my right. The first doe spotted the movement and bolted, the second one didn’t see me, but due to the safety harness strap and location of the doe, I couldn’t get a shot off. Still thrilling to be 13 yards from two deer.


      “Successful deer hunting with the bow demands by far the greatest skill in woodcraft

and stalking, plus the most intimate knowledge of the personal habits and characteristics

of the game.”   – Larry Kollor – Shots At Whitetails

Concealed amidst a splendid tapestry of multicolored leaves, the vigilant archer waits in eager anticipation for the arrival of a reticent buck, a denizen of the forest wilds, dormant, and yet to emerge from his bedding site. Beyond the melancholy babble of a little mountain brook, only the occasional rustling of deciduous leaves that still cling precariously to the branches that bore them breaks the hushed silence. The location’s serenity is intoxicating, so much so that even the chatter of a resident squirrel becomes a boisterous interruption to the tranquility. It is here, perched aloft in obscured solitude that the archer comes to rosin up his bow and silently seek the antlered…

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