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Wish I could convince my wife to take up archery, but I won’t push.

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By Emily Anderson

As a female archer, there are plenty of options now available that previously were not for women. As more and more women enter the sport of archery, bows are being developed to fit specifically for a woman’s frame. Typically, women have shorter draw lengths, smaller grips, and usually pull less weight. I’m thrilled to see bows that now take these things into consideration for female shooters.

It is critical to make sure that the bow you select fits you correctly. I know that I am guilty of initially wanting to make a bow selection purely based on cosmetic features. And now that bows also have slick names and color choices designed to entice the female buyer, it makes it hard to pay attention to the truly non-aesthetic details.

When considering which bow to buy, keep the following in mind…

1. Grip – How does the bow…

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