Posted: 10/05/2012 in News

That is epic camo! I thought my 3D leaf suit was nifty!

David P. Roberts

Spent two days in the woods hunting creek beds at Heyburn(Monday) and Lexington(Tuesday).

My morning hunt at Heyburn was fouled by a couple guys with beagles and shotguns stampeding through the forest hunting some sort of small game. 33 ticks from Heyburn as well, much more than in the okc area.

Lexington Went much better as I was not bothered by any other hunters and the deer sign was much more fresh and abundant. Camped a choke point creek bed crossing for several hours with no luck. Saw one set of big boy buck tracks, must have been huge. Slow stalked right by a bedded doe on the way back to the truck and didn’t realize it. Once my scent cone reached her she bleated like the sky was falling not more than 50 feet right behind me before going into warp. All in all a good couple o days hunting. My new ghillie performed as expected…

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