DNR: 2,043 EHD deer deaths reported so far

Posted: 10/04/2012 in Archery, Health, Hunting, News, Whitetail Deer, Wildlife
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Found via Bowhunting.com’s Facebook feed:  From Prairiestateoutdoors.com

October 04, 2012 at 01:35 PM

Prairie State Outdoors

Map of EHD occurrences by number of reports per county. Map courtesy of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources has received reports of 2,043 deer deaths from 76 counties likely caused by Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD).

DNR released a report Oct. 4 updating efforts to monitor the intensity of the outbreak in Illinois.

EHD is caused by a virus spread by biting midges and is often fatal in white-tailed deer.

Deer experience high fever, and often are found dead in and around water sources.

Last summer’s drought conditions likely contributed to the severity of this year’s outbreak.

Freezing temperatures will put an end to the outbreak because insects will no longer be active.

Counties with the highest number of reported deer deaths include Cook with 326, Calhoun at 181, Coles with 138 and Macon and Shelby reporting 121.

The last update in early September said more than 700 dead deer had been reported to officials with calls coming from more than 50 counties.

The last severe outbreak was in 2007, when DNR received 449 reports of 1,966 deer dead in 54 counties.

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