Field Report: Morning in the Stand Oct. 1st

Posted: 10/01/2012 in Archery, Gable Sporting Goods, Hunting, Whitetail Deer
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I spent the morning in the stand getting rained on, the way the weather turned this morning, it would drizzle for an hour, then pour for ten minutes, then return to a sullen drizzle.  I made it into the stand around 6:15am, it was warm, but raining and a little gusty. My GoreTex jacket worked perfectly, even with the hood down so I could hear better.

Just about the time when I could start to see leaves in the closest trees, I could hear a ‘stomp… stomp,’ in the heavy brush in front of me to the right, as though a deer could see me but I couldn’t see it yet.  It wouldn’t surprise me if that was exactly what had happened, since I know that deer like to bed down in that area.


This is 90′ to the left of where I heard the stomps.  I think my new strategy will be to set up a stand like this, but never look in the direction of the main trail, just stand, face the tree, and get ready to shoot the other way, I would have had a shot last week if I’d done that…


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