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Experience counts for a lot: many hunters can eyeball an area and speed scout it, others can’t. I usually can’t, because I over think the whole thing and have to see, either with a trail cam or by hunting the area, what trails deer are using. Otherwise, I look around and think ‘ok, acorns: everywhere. Food plots on three sides. Bedding areas all over the place. Crap…” But I have had some success with having to choose quickly and get in a tree, possibly because that takes over-thinking out of the equation. 🙂

The Scentmaster

First of all, let me preface this blog entry with an apology …. for I’ve been scarce around these parts as of late.  Between work, school, and other commitments, my life is as hectic as ever – I guess some things never change!  But enough of that … I’m back, and I’m ready to post about the best topic there is to talk about, and that’s deer hunting!

The good news is this:  I’ve killed two deer since season began, and more are to come!  On Tuesday, September 18th, I managed to shoot a mature doe.  I followed that up a few days later with another doe!  So two deer, two shots, and a bunch of venison in the freezer has made me a very happy camper with deer season thus far.  How did this happen?  Speed scouting!

I wrote about speed scouting in my last blog, before my hiatus…

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