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In the 1990’s, most of the non-IBO archery shoots in Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York would include at least a few tree stand shots. The clubs would build an actual ‘deck’ 10-12 feet up with full stairs and railings. Everyplace I’ve shot in Georgia has said ‘can’t do it, insurance reasons.’ Sad, really.

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By Will Jenkins 

With the season fast approaching many folks are focusing on broadhead tuning and putting lots of holes in foam. While this is all good and necessary one thing I find myself and many others lacking as we get close to season is practicing how you’ll be hunting. This means putting arrows through foam while you are in situations similar to how you will be hunting.

Most people hunt from tree stands and of course this is extremely different from standing on flat ground and making an easy shot. Not only that you’re wearing different clothes and a safety harness but you’re also standing on an 18″ x 24″ platform 20 feet up a tree. I’d suggest when setting or checking stands bring your bow and a small target and put a few arrows in the target through each of your shooting lanes. Making sure…

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