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That’s a fantastic photo of a buck either rubbing some scent into that branch or smelling who was there first.


Look for an earlier than normal rut.


The whitetail breeding cycle is an annual autumn event that stimulates even the most lethargic buck to be up and about regularly. As testosterone levels increase within a buck’s chemistry, he becomes restless, anxious and eager to breed. This phenomenon uncharacteristically places the animal in vulnerable situations uncommon to him outside the rut. It is by and large the most opportunistic time of the year to successfully hunt these secretive creatures. For us to better understand how to hunt the rut let’s take a look at what triggers it and the four phases that make up this “autumn dance.”

The Trigger

In order to make a prediction on the best times to hunt bucks there must be a premise to base this upon. For those readers who may not be privy to what I’ve written in the past, or own a copy…

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