PSE’s Emily Anderson – Allure of the Bow

Posted: 09/11/2012 in News

I’m letting archery seep into the wife’s subconscious – it’s only a matter of time really.

PSE Archery Blog

By Emily Anderson

I can still vividly remember the first time I held a bow.  I was with my husband, Troy, in a local sporting goods store.  He was admiring the row of bows, picked one up and announced, “I want to start hunting with a bow.”  I knew where this was going.  A new hobby, or passion as some call it, was about to be formed – a new addiction that came with an expensive price tag.  Old passions had recently been laid to rest.  The dirt on a bull rope and smell of rosin hanging in the air, gave proof of a recent ride.  Leather chaps were now draped over the bannister, and the adrenaline and rush of an 8 second ride now had a need to be replaced.  And as my husband stood there holding a bow, I knew I couldn’t say, “No.”  Little…

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