Sportsman’s Pantry Grows as Hunters & Processors Join

Posted: 09/05/2012 in Gable Sporting Goods, Hunting, News, Whitetail Deer, Wildlife
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From Georgia Outdoor News:

Led by four sportsmen’s groups, many new organizations and individuals are joining this private grassroots program. You can, too.

By GON Staff Posted Wednesday August 29 2012, 2:53 PM

There is a program that now, in its fourth season, is beginning to gain real traction and it is a winner for sportsmen processors and our communities.

The program is called Sportsman’s Pantry, and it functions under the oversight of four sportsman’s groups.

But the groups are not the important story here. The real story is sportsmen like you finding a way to do what we all want done, and doing it better than it has ever been done before in Georgia, and doing it where you live and hunt.

The aim of the program is to bring together three groups at the local level. Those groups are:

• hunters willing do donate a deer to those in need,
• processors will do the work at a reduced price, and
• local approved charities who can accept the processed venison.

This program offers a number of benefits to everyone. For the hunter, there is a place local to him where deer can be donated. The local community is aware that the community is benefitting from sportsmen directly in fewer deer to dodge, and that deserving folks in their community are eating better because of sportsmen. Sportsmen shine.

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