Posted: 09/03/2012 in News

You two should come down to Georgia – just make sure you leave the cold weather gear at home unless it’s late December or January. The rest of the time? 70-90′


Never before had Ethan or I hunted outside of the states we have lived in, Wyoming or Colorado. Yet, it was Friday evening after work and Ethan came to pick me up after work. With my gear already packed and waiting in my garage, it wasn’t long before we were on the long road to Nevada. All we knew about the area was some Google Earth scouting that I had done; we weren’t even sure what particular area we were going to hunt.

Ethan drove all through the night with only a short nap in the truck at a rest area in Utah. During a McDonalds breakfast stop near our hunting area, we pulled out the topos and Google Earth on our phones and decided on an area. I suspected there would be quite few other hunters accessing country from the trailhead we chose but with lots of country available…

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