PSE’s Spook Spann Explains the Importance of Choosing the Right Equipment

Posted: 08/28/2012 in News

Love to have two bows ready to go, budgetary concerns pushed me into selling my Specialist and sticking with the Insanity CPXL this season.

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Editor’s Note: Spook Spann shoots both the PSE Freak and the PSE Omen Pro. Many pros shoot more than one bow. PSE wanted to know why Spann shot two different bows, and how he chose which bow he’d use on a hunt.

I just started shooting the Freak this summer of 2012, and I’m trying it out to see what advantages it can give me. I usually try to match my bow to the terrain and weather conditions I’m hunting, and the type of game I’ll try to take. For instance, if I’m hunting in a ground blind, I want a shorter bow that I can draw easily and use to shoot through the window of a total concealment ground blind. Sometimes I choose the bow I’ll hunt with just because I’m in the mood to shoot that bow. I have a lot of confidence in both bows, the

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