Posted: 08/27/2012 in News

19 states away from my nonresident analysis of Wyoming’s hunting regulations web site. Very curious, the series has been surprising so far, with states that I thought might be horrible doing well, and states that should be very friendly clearly discouraging hunters.


This year has been really hot and dry in a lot of places, and eastern Wyoming is no exception. Usually this time of year I am hoping for no rain since that makes it easier to hunt the antelope of water holes, but this year has been too dry. The total amount of animals around where I hunt is way down and there are even fewer decent bucks to be seen. I don’t have any exact data but it also appears that only a handful of the does have fawns on them when in the past it seemed like each doe had twins running around. The next few years of antelope hunting may get really tough if this pattern keeps up.

For the past few years I have hunted land that the Wyoming Game and Fish calls Walk-In Areas. The Walk-In program pays landowners to allow hunting access on their…

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