Georgia DNR: Q & A – Question #7

Posted: 08/26/2012 in Archery, Georgia DNR, Hunting, News, Regulations
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Recently, I contacted the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and asked 10 questions.  My contact there is, of course, busy with day-to-day duties, but has managed to respond with some of the answers.  This series will give the answers to the questions by question number.

7. Why does every Georgia WMA have unique rules and seasons when other states manage public hunting without that level of micromanagement?

“Regarding hunting regulations on Wildlife Management Areas (WMA),public desires for management and hunting opportunities is diverse.  Additionally, the Department establishes sustainable wildlife population goals reflecting biological, ecological and sociological objectives and constraints for each WMA.  Thus, these management decisions and public desires inform regulatory decisions for WMAs that result in a wide variety of hunting opportunities that best serve all WMA users. Among these are WMAs managed for quality deer, quantity of deer, and maximum hunting opportunity. Unfortunately, each WMA cannot be managed in such a way to satisfy all users of that WMA, but we strive to best serve the majority by providing a balance across the WMA program. These difficult management decisions, while beneficial to the majority of WMA users across the state, can sometimes have a negative impact on a few individuals. While this certainly may differ from the approach used by other State Wildlife Agencies, each State must determine the approach that is most appropriate to meet the challenges of meeting biological objectives while being responsive to the public.  The approach used by Georgia has successfully served our state and its WMA users well for many decades.”




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