Georgia DNR: Q & A – Question #2

Posted: 08/25/2012 in Archery, Georgia DNR, Hunting, News, Regulations
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Recently, I contacted the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and asked 10 questions.  My contact there is, of course, busy with day-to-day duties, but has managed to respond with some of the answers.  This series will give the answers to the questions by question number.

2. Why is there a difference between baiting in the northern zone and southern zone?

2) Regarding hunting over bait and why state law is not uniform across the state, this activity is regulated by state law not Department of Natural Resources (DNR) regulation. The Georgia General Assembly passes laws, and the Board of Natural Resources passes DNR regulations. DNR does not have an active role in introducing or voting on proposed law changes. Those rights are reserved solely for Georgia’s elected General Assembly members. Thus, the recent changes (2011) in the state’s baiting law were a legislative decision made by the Georgia General Assembly and not a DNR decision. There was considerable debate within the legislative process concerning this change and, at the time, consensus within the Georgia General Assembly was that there was considerably more support in south Georgia than there was in north Georgia for this change. As such, the law was modified to allow deer to be shot over bait in south Georgia. With regards to this and other statutory issues, the DNR’s role is and remains to provide science-based information as a foundation to discussions on wildlife and other natural resource issues. We support the legislative process as it affords all stakeholders the opportunity to participate in decision-making. We will continue to work with the Georgia General Assembly on all issues affecting Georgia’s sportsmen.


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