Posted: 08/23/2012 in News

As we all get older, I wish I’d spent more time hunting with my father. He’s still with us, but he’s slowing down, much to the relief of everything he likes to hunt.

Pushing the Wild Limits


Wether its celebrity inspiration, stories and pictures from friends or your own individual desire to succeed, we all have our own melting pot of motivation  which stirs deep within us.  I’d be willing to bet that every single one of us has a combination of up bringing, previous experience, healthy case of dreaming jealousy   from watching way too much outdoor programing, which  rev our engines  in and out every year till we die.    I bring this up in light  of several photos Ive seen recently of western hunts from years past.  These pictures not only bring back great memories but draw a strain of emotion from my soul that act as a catalyst, not pushing me into further dreaming, but into action.  Thats one thing about dreams that makes me wonder, when people say they have dreams are they just waiting on them to magically come true? …

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