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I tend to take food with me, apples, maybe a snack bar (protein bar or just some tasty granola bar), things that are fairly small, easy to carry, and won’t spoil. Don’t forget water, or you’ll be sorry…

Pushing the Wild Limits

Probably ever person on the planet has been told to never shop hungry  by their parents at some point throughout their life.  While buying milk the other day at the supermarket, my stomach reminded me that I hadn’t eaten anything all day and stopped me on a dime while walking past  the deli counter.  I’d told myself there was no way, but before I knew it, I was concocting a footlong mountain of a sub in my head, trying to get as much out of it as I could for $5.99, and placing an order.  While loading the 2 gallons of milk and my future lunch into my back pack for the bike ride home, the words don’t shop hungry rang in my head. This also brought up another side of me which I learned last fall, don’t hunt hungry.

Warm, windy and over cast, a stark contrast to what…

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