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I’m torn between more scouting for deer and hog hunting right now.

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Mike H

Editor’s Note: Thirty seven year old Mike Hopkins of Junction City, Kansas, has been shooting a PSE bow since 2008. Hopkins is a classic example of how to become a better bowhunter. Mike decided to shoot 3D archery just before he took his first buck with a bow. As you’ll see, Mike consistently has been able to take more animals and a wider variety of animals, since he’s incorporated 3D archery into his bowhunting program.

PSE: Mike, what was the next buck you took with a bow?

Hopkins: The next season I was shooting a PSE  X-Force Dream Season bow and shot several does and 4 point bucks and a hog. I was in the army, stationed at Fort Polk, Louisiana, as a human resources officer, and I was able to hunt about 1/2 mile from where I lived on the base.

PSE: Tell us about taking that…

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