Posted: 08/10/2012 in News

I love the tents I have – but mine are for rain and bug protection, if anything, it’s usually far too warm where I camp and hunt…


Tents, or shelters in general, are one of those hunting items that come down to personal preference and I have found one that I prefer. I think many other hunters would as well. It has a very nice design that is a great balance of room, features, protection and weight. I am talking about the Big Agnes Copper Spur UL1.

I know that one-man tents scare away a lot of hunters considering the amount of gear that we carry and want protected from the elements but I have found this tent very roomy and has ample vestibule space. It even has a second vestibule in the back that is perfect for boots and your stove, or even your bow.

Another note worthy feature of the tent is the fact that the vestibule can be opened with out letting precipitation enter the tent. It is also large enough for me to…

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