Tenderloin with Peach Whisky Peppercorn Jus

Posted: 08/07/2012 in News

Luckily, I am in the middle of grilling some bourbon-peppercorn sirloins just now, or I would have had to go find meat after reading this…

Eastern Expeditions

Hunting season is not quite here yet, but I came across this recipe and thought that I would share for those that have tenderloin tucked away in the freezer.

Venison tenderloin is a treat, especially when prepared in a special way. This recipe is adapted from one for “Bison Sirloin with Peach Whisky Peppercorn Jus” courtesy of Walter’s Dining Room in The Sawridge Inn Jasper, one of the national park’s go-to hotel and convention centres, a favourite for Alberta’s outdoorsmen. I substituted tenderloin from a white-tailed deer for bison sirloin.

INGREDIENTS (Tenderloin):
● 1 venison tenderloin
● 1/2 white Spanish onion (diced)
● 1 cup beef stock lightly thickened with corn starch
● 1/4 cup Canadian rye whisky
● 1/2 cup canned peaches (diced)
● red (or green) peppercorns
● olive oil
● salt and pepper

1. Wash the tenderloin under cold tap water and pat dry with a paper…

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