Arkansas – From a Deer Hunter’s POV

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This is an ongoing series looking at each state from the point of view of a nonresident hunter trying to find information about deer hunting, the basic explanation is HERE.


Is the information easy to find?

The Arkansas Hunting page was at the top of the search results.

Grade: A

Website: is it easy to use and understand?

This is refreshing, all of the information a first-time nonresident hunter is easy to find, logically laid out, and when you click a link, the information is right where it should be, such as how much a license will cost, where to hunt and when to hunt. The information is also presented in an easy to understand format, with such programs as the “Triple Trophy Award Program” spelled out in just a few paragraphs.

Grade:  A

Does the state hold a lottery system for nonresidents?

Licenses are available online or over the counter.

Grade: A

How much does it cost to hunt, and is there a short term license available, since quite a few out-of-state hunters only hunt for a short time.

Resident hunting licenses are $25.00, which includes tags for six deer and two turkey tags, nonresident hunting licenses are $300, which also includes the same six deer and two turkey tags.  Arkansas also has a tiered system with licenses available for five days of hunting (three deer tags, two turkey tags) for $150, three days of hunting (two deer tags, two turkey tags) for $100, and one day of hunting (one deer tag, one turkey tag) for $50.   Arkansas has developed a system that is very friendly to hunters.  The information is, again, presented in an easy to understand, well thought out format.

Grade: A

Are the hunting seasons easy to find and laid out in a logical manner.

The hunting seasons are presented in a very easy to use format: the page lists all of the various species as a link that expands just what you need.  The hunting zones are a bit of a challenge at first glance, but the left side of the page includes map links for the zones, such as this deer zone map.

Grade: A

Is public hunting available, if so, are the rules different? If the rules are different, are they easy to understand?

The Wildlife Management Areas map is fantastic: it’s a map of the entire state of Arkansas, simply click the county or counties you wish to hunt and it brings up the list of Wildlife Management Areas for those counties.  There is also a direct link to the general WMA regulations right on the page.

Grade: A

Are there major issues in hunting this state as a non-resident?

Chronic Wasting Disease has not been found in Arkansas.  No other issues have been found.

Grade: A

Summary: Grade A+

This is a top-notch web site, with very easy to read, very easy to find information. Arkansas has certainly been added to my list of places worth researching to hunt.



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