Alabama – From a Deer Hunter’s POV

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Is the information easy to find?

The Alabama Hunting and Fishing Digest was at the top of the search results

Grade: A

Website: is it easy to use and understand?

Somebody needs to take a class on bullet points or ‘how to arrange an outline,’ the initial ‘seasons and limits’ page is not in alphabetical order, or any logical order I can determine, with sub-rules to species’ seasons being at the same order of import as the base species bullet point.  Also, after digging through the entire page, I just noticed that on the right side there was ‘Most Read Pages’ that included a separate ‘Deer Hunting Seasons’  Finding the COST of a license was a bit of a pain, the first link to ‘General License and Fee Info’ should just be ‘General License Info.’ There are no fees on the main page.

Grade: C

Does the state hold a lottery system for non-residents or are over the counter licenses available.

Alabama may have some limited area or quota hunts that rely on a drawing for per

Grade A

How much does it cost to hunt, and is there a short term license available?

Alabama Hunting License Descriptions & Fees

Alabama charges residents $25.05 (why .05? There’s a rogue accountant somewhere in that mix) for a State All Game license; “valid for all legal game, to include deer and turkey, includes privileges of Wildlife Heritage License.” Nonresident licenses are priced at $287.45 for an annual license, $177.65 for a 10 day license, and $125.40 for a three day license. There is an additional license priced at $16.70 for residents and nonresidents for Wildlife Management Area access.

There are short term licenses available, but the pricing for a three day license is close to many states’ annual license fees.

Grade B

Are the hunting seasons easy to find and laid out in a logical manner?

Deer hunting seasons are listed by county in Alabama, then by ‘Antlered, Unantlered, and Antlered Bucks and Unantlered Deer,’  there are six subcategories underneath those three for a total net result of 498 (67 counties x 6 categories + 16 counties with 6 different categories for National Forest Service Lands) different deer seasons.  Provided hunters are willing to remain in just a few counties this is manageable, but looking at the table, these seasons could be easily consolidated into just a few lines.

Grade: D +

Is public hunting available, if so, are the rules different? If the rules are different, are they easy to understand?

Public hunting is available in Alabama, however finding the information is difficult.  After following five different links to ‘Wildlife Management Areas,’ no specific information has been found to determine if the regulations are significantly different.

Grade: C

Are there major issues in hunting this state as a non-resident?

Chronic Wasting Disease is not present in Alabama.  No other issues are known at this time.

Grade A

Summary: Total Grade: B

The web page is easy to find, somewhat confusing to navigate or somewhat poorly organized. Users who are considering hunting Alabama as a nonresident should be able to find all of the information they need after spending an evening in front of the computer taking notes.  Of course nonresidents and residents alike can always contact states and ask for a copy of the hunting regulations directly.


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