Posted: 08/02/2012 in News

…this has absolutely nothing to do with hunting, archery, etc. but that’s a REALLY nice looking bike..


Damn! Oops, I beg your pardon … I meant wowie! No wait, I really did mean, “Damn, what a ride.”

Harley’s aren’t meant to be fast. That’s why they never quote power figures in their brochures, only torques. The V-Rod Night Special has 111 Nm’s of it, but push the starter button and drop the hydraulically assisted clutch and you’ll struggle to wipe the grin off your face. We’re not talking superbike go, but believe me it’s fun.

For the V-Rod’s 10th birthday it received the latest version of the liquid-cooled, V-Twin Revolution engine. It now displaces 1 250 cc’s and has dual overhead camshafts, four-valve cylinder heads and Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection. As a result you can rev it like a sports bike and anything above five grand will push you hard back into that fat leather saddle all the way up to the red line. This is…

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