Posted: 08/01/2012 in News

When I watch hunting shows, I’m always amazed at where the arrow hits, since I know whitetail anatomy fairly well.

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Understanding the anatomy of whitetail deer is valuable information that every hunter must have to make a quick and clean harvest. It is our duty as sportsmen to do everything in our power to make and ethical kill. If you subscribe to that line of thinking, then you hold shot placement at a premium. The most ethical placements are generous leaving the shooter room for error while still targeting the vitals.

Arrow angles must be considered for every shot from tree stand but even more important is the body position of the deer. NEVER free your arrow on a deer quartering toward you. Doing so increases the chances of wounding the deer and decreases your chances of a successful harvest. Be patient! Take broadside and quartering away shots. These shots are more forgiving and give you a greater chance of hitting the vitals. Experienced archery hunters need to share their shot placement knowledge on to beginners. Those of us who…

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