My Favoured Stands For The Hunting Season Opener

Posted: 07/31/2012 in Archery, Hunting, Tips and Tricks
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© By Othmar Vohringer (Reblogged from Whitetail Deer Passion)

The Feeding Area
In the early season bucks still concentrate on the food sources. Therefore my number one favourite stand locations are located near food sources. These locations are the most consistent producer and the easiest to identify of all the early season options. Start glassing fields about two weeks before opening day, observe where deer enter the fields and then start from there to look for a suitable stand site inside the woodland.

Ideally, you want to hang the stand a bit back from the field edge in the thicker stuff where bucks hang up until nightfall before they enter the open fields. Bucks feel safe coming out in these hidden spots and will fall into a more consistent pattern than they would where they are more visible.

One thing about bucks on a feeding pattern: they’re sensitive to hunting pressure. If they detect any human presence they’ll completely stop using that particular field, or they’ll use it only after dark. Make every effort to prevent deer from knowing that you’re hunting them for as long as possible.

When the does and small bucks get spooky, their body language will send a message to the mature bucks that they should immediately stop using the field. There’s no rut and no urgency to cause them to ignore danger signs. The bucks have nowhere they absolutely have to be and nothing they absolutely have to do, so they can wait until dark to feed or simply relocate to a different food source with little provocation.

Try to select as many stand locations as possible and then hunt them never more than twice per any given week. The more often you hunt a certain stand chances that deer will be on to you will increase significantly.

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