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We saw plenty of sign in our ‘Scouting. Kind of…’ trip Friday, however in an AMUSING note we did see five deer along the road on the way to Talbotton – looked like a doe and one yearling (right side) and a doe with two yearlings on the left, all alive, all healthy.

Windmill 12

I’ve been hitting the elliptical machine every morning, but I can only stand about 25 minutes staring at the same patch of wall.  Music and downloaded Futurama re-runs don’t help much.  Tonight, I was also a little “blah” about scouting the same spots in the park.  The two issues came together nicely when I decided to hike some trails tonight in search of new deer spots.

On the drive through the park toward the trail, I saw something near the tree line peeking out at me:

I couldn’t figure out why it looked so small even though it wasn’t that far away.  Then I realized I had a fawn on my hands!

Eventually I got too close, and scared it into the trees.  It was still curious enough to spy on me, though.

I was after bigger game though! I hit the trail, and hiked quite a way without seeing…

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