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A couple of tips – HAT – big and floppy is best, LONG SLEEVES, it keeps the sun from cooking you BETTER than sunscreen, freeze a few bottles of water to keep the others cool in your pack, and think about what to do in case of an emergency, as always.

The Scentmaster

Well folks, it’s getting closer.  As I watched a couple hunting shows this morning, one program was highlighting a rut hunt in Iowa.  The skies were overcast, and there were no leaves on the trees.  Boy, was I excited.  But then, I looked out the window with a big frown on my face….the temperature is already over 90 degrees, with a high today pushing 104.  The midwest is currently experiencing the

worst drought since the 1950s, and I can’t ever remember it being this hot, for this long.  As a deer hunter, I know one of the most important things to do this time of year is scout velvet bucks, and maybe hang a stand or ten.  This blog entry is about staying safe in your summer scouting adventures.  Let’s get to it.

Water – Your Best Friend

The best tip I can give you when spending your time outdoors…

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