Ocmulgee Wildlife Management Area – Piganticipation

Posted: 07/28/2012 in Gable Sporting Goods, Hunting
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Early this year, somebody in the GON Forums started a thread about hunting feral hogs at Ocmulgee WMA before small game season ended.   Quite a few people said ‘heck yeah, let’s GO!’ but really, only about nine of us showed up.  Again, I wish I had taken more photographs, but we had a good time (this was back in February) and learned some of the land involved.  We saw a lot of hog sign, and though these photographs don’t really give you a good sense of how much sign we saw, let’s just say that a good portion of the woods looked like fifty people with shovels spent the night looking for gold.  Small game season is less than a month away, and we can go after the hogs again, which I’m looking forward to greatly.



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