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*Sigh* No bear hunt for me this year unless I hunt North Georgia on public land, can’t afford to go back to PB’s in Maine.

Mia's Motivations

Hunt elk, bear, mule deer and merriam turkey with Wolf Creek Outfitters, Inc. - WCOMany of us are preparing for our fall hunts. I am, the Little Gal is and so is the team at Wolf Creek Outfitters, Inc., (WCO). This week we did some preparing with a new friend.

We are proud to donate a hunt for one disabled hunter through Outdoor Buddies. Outdoor Buddies a nonprofit organization that relies on volunteers to help disabled individuals and disadvantaged youth enjoy the outdoors.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for those who have been deprived of access and enjoyment of outdoor experiences through a volunteer based non-profit organization.

This year we offered an early season black bear hunt to be auctioned at their annual fund-raiser. The auctioned hunt donation brought money to the organization (Contribute to Outdoor Buddies) and also a new friend to WCO.

We were lucky to meet with the recipient of the black bear hunt. His name is Todd and he is not only a…

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