19-Year-Old Game Law Violator Could be First to Face Wyoming’s New Lifetime Ban

Posted: 07/26/2012 in Hunting, Legal, News
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by  on JULY 18, 2012 in BIG GAMENEWS

Three strikes, and you’re out. It’s a baseball rule that has been making its way into law enforcement, and last year, Wyoming‘s Game & Fish Department joined the fold. Anyone who is convicted of three counts of killing an antlered deer out of season within the span of 10 years commits a felony and faces a lifetime hunting ban in Wyoming and 36 other states who reciprocate punishments for poachers.

Colton Lapp, 19, is about to feel the full brunt of that new law. Lapp plead guilty to three counts of killing antlered deer out of season between December 19 and 28, killing threemule deer bucks. In addition to two previous convictions back in 2010, including illegally killing a  taking a 210-plus inch mule deer buck, Lapp is in serious trouble.


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(I saw this shared by Tenzing Outdoors today on FaceBook.  Important points – He’s 19 – yet in 2010 he was convicted of doing the same thing TWICE, now three more times?  Heck YES he should be banned for life.  Not to mention, I hope he’s good with ARCHERY equipment in the states he will be allowed to hunt in (all 14 of them,) since this is a FELONY, his right to own a firearm will be gone as well.  Not only that, he should have to give LECTURES on why what he was doing was WRONG. – Niko)


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