Wild Hogs Overpopulation Devastate U.S. « CBS Tampa

Posted: 07/22/2012 in News
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Wild Hogs Overpopulation Devastate U.S. « CBS Tampa.

Free Range Pork Is Never Free, By Braden Gunn

April 3, 2012 11:37 AM

According to both USDA and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Wild Hog (or feral pig) now ranges from South Carolina to California and as far north as Wisconsin and Canada and in each of these affected states, the headlines read, “Invasive feral pigs devastate crops”, Swine are a plague on communities”. So with all this bad press on these roving porkers, you’d think that Farmers and the states with exploding pig populations would be begging hunters to take to the woods and fields to help stem the flow of wild pork, wouldn’t you?


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