Deer Doing Stupid Things

Posted: 07/22/2012 in Hunting
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Deer Doing Stupid Things.

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Ah, deer… So resourceful, so wary, and yet, so mind-numbingly stupid sometimes. We spend months planning to outsmart them in the hardwoods, only to have one run through the display window at Sears while you’re shopping for your Father’s Day present.

Let’s be honest, folks, deer aren’t exactly the nuclear physicists of the animal kingdom. While we prize deer for their huge racks and tasty backstraps, we can’t help but marvel at their sub-par intelligence when it comes to interacting with humans, which more often than not lands them in a world of trouble. We’ve compiled a list of some baffling cases of deer stupidity; some work out fine for the deer, but some don’t. Regardless, they all leave us scratching our heads.


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