Planning Ahead for Hunting Season

Posted: 07/21/2012 in Gable Sporting Goods, Gear, Hunting, Management
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For decades, I would tell myself, every year, ‘this year, I’ll buy Christmas presents starting in JUNE! (or July, or May) and stick them in the closet, so I don’t get my bank account in a bind come December!”
Well, that never worked out.   Instead, if I did buy stuff in advance, it would go right to the person as soon as I saw them, or I would end up, two weeks before Christmas, frantically looking for something, anything, that would be appropriate.

I seem to have broken that cycle when it comes to hunting season. I’ve paid attention this year, bought things on clearance at the end of last season, and put things aside all year long so that my wallet won’t get hit in the “X” ring in September.
Here’s one good example of that:

A few days ago I had to pick up some prescriptions at my local grocery store pharmacy.  Once I turned in the scripts, I was told it would be half an hour to forty-five minutes, so I decided to shop for the camp pantry.   I found store-brand canned fruit and vegetables  for $1 per can on special, and bought a case for $12 – I got mixed fruit (3), canned peaches (3), and Ro-Tell tomatoes and chili peppers.   These will keep for YEARS, and even though I saved less than a dollar on that specific purchase, I now have a decent amount of side dishes and/or desserts to serve that I won’t have to worry about.

I also found the thicker rubber gloves, the ones used for household cleaning, on clearance for $1.47 per pair. I picked up three pair, one for each backpack and a spare set.   One more item I don’t have to worry about off of the checklist.

The point isn’t what I bought, the point is to keep thinking.  I’ve known since last hunting season that the box of surgical gloves I had was inadequate, and that I wanted to pick up some of these gloves.  Since that was on my mind, when I saw them on clearance, I bought all the store had.  I know very well what vegetables and snacks we have at camp (minus a stop or two by my hunting partners) so I know that buying the fruits and vegetables will make for a very pleasing treat on a cold night. (Or, since we are in Georgia, the peaches will go nicely over some ice cream on a HOT night. Either way, I’m covered.)

So, now if only I could do that with Christmas presents…

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