Posted: 07/19/2012 in News

I’ve always wanted to do this – and at the same time, I’m vaguely horrified at how bad my form will look in super slow motion. *shrug* one of these days I’ll get this done.


My new bow arrived a few weeks ago, so I have been focused in adjusting it perfectly.

One thing that I am doing to my bows recently, is using a high speed camera to see what is going on in slow motion. You can check how the arrow deflects, how the rest is moving, vanes contact, arrow travel,… its a helpfull information. For doing this you do not need to have a professional high speed camera, nowadays there are a lot of cameras that give you a lot of frames per second. The one on the  pic gives 1200 fps in video and 60 fps in photo mode.

My friend have the videos, I will try to upload them as soon as I see him again. Some of you may recognize in the pic Jose Duo with white shirt, professional target archer. Its nice to have his help when tuning…

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