Using Hunting Season to prep for 3D Tournaments

Posted: 07/18/2012 in Archery, Hunting, Tips and Tricks
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So, for the most part, my 3D season is over – the Georgia ASA State Championship was the last ‘big’ shoot of the year near Atlanta, and the only large shoot I could attend this year due to my work schedule.
I did OK, not great, but not terrible for only getting back into the sport.  I would have liked to have shot above 300, and I finished at 286. As usual, two bad shots (I dropped my bow arm once, and I ‘pushed’ once) dropped me 10 points.

In my class, Known 45 (45 yards), the BOTTOM 12 is ‘active,’ the top 12 is used by other classes, or in cases where there is a range officer, and several arrows are already in the 12, you can ask the range officer to allow you to shoot the upper 12, or the reverse depending on your class.  The 14, up in the corner of the 8, is a high point, high risk situation, since missing it involves either dropping into an 8 or a 5.  I only shot at a few 14s this year, and only because at that shoot, I didn’t care what I scored by that point.

Now I’m looking at 2-3 local shoots then feral hog and whitetail season, but I’m REALLY looking at next winter and spring, and the beginning of the NEXT 3D season.

Here’s my plan:

  • Get in better shape – I don’t have the patience to stand around, nor do I feel comfortable making people I shoot with wait, while I get my breath back after an uphill walk between shots.  I need to lose, no joke, about sixty pounds.  Hunting season will help with that, the physical effort I put forth to hunt will help with my overall fitness.
  • Improve my balance – this is tied to losing weight. I used to have very good balance, but since my injury in 2007, my balance is terrible. I’ve been doing some core exercises and balance exercises, but the key is going to be getting my middle back to the shape it should be. Again, hunting, particularly hiking rough terrain, will help improve my condition.
  • Correct my equipment – I shot the entire season with my hunting arrows. At first I did this as kind of a sarcastic statement, since every single Pro/Am shoot this year landed on a weekend I worked 12 hour midnight shift on, I decided I wasn’t going to spend the extra $150 or so for target arrows.  It cost me at least 10 points last weekend. I’m leaning towards Gold Tip arrows, since they were quite friendly when I was setting up the site here, however I saw some Victory and Easton arrows this weekend that looked interesting as well. I have nothing against Carbon Express, but the arrows I would shoot from their product line are very expensive.  I shoot Maxima Blue Streak arrows for hunting now.
  • Practice – For some reason, I’m having a hard time correcting my point of aim.  I can draw, get on target, and lock on to an aiming point easily, but then changing to the spot I picked out through the binoculars seems extremely difficult now.  This is the cause of almost all of my bad shots, and I’ve got a plan to fix it. Part of the plan is practicing until my release hand has 1/4″ thick calluses, the other part is changing my approach to the spot I want to focus on. Instead of pulling back and getting on target, I’ll pull back and settle just above the target, then drop into the spot I want.

So – on days when I’m not hunting or working, the list above has got to be my priority for the rest of this year.

Maybe I can build a collar that detects pasta and shocks me if I get within 6′.


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