Posted: 07/13/2012 in News

My thoughts on trail cameras – I’d love to have one, but I see endless complaints about the ones I can afford, leaving only the ones I can’t afford in the ‘reliable’ group. So I’d love to have one, just not yet.

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Editor’s Note: When Glenn Eilers of Shelbyville, Kentucky, discovered PSE bows 8 years ago, he decided he’d found a bow that was made for him. He’s been able to use PSE bows to take some really nice whitetails.

I believe our trail camera strategy is one of the reasons we can keep up with our bucks so well, and determine how, where and when to take these bucks. We put out 40 trail cameras on both pieces of property that we hunt at the first of July to inventory our deer herd and to try and determine which bucks may be potential shooters. As the bucks’ antlers grow, we can tell if they’re expressing the genetic characteristics of the bucks we photographed the previous year. Then we can tell if the bucks we passed up last year still will be available for harvest this year. We’re trying to cover about…

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