Posted: 07/10/2012 in News

I have been considering a gear post recently, today might be the day.


A major topic of backpack hunting the backcountry is what gear people use. I understand that no two people have the same setup, and shouldn’t because different things work for different people. Here is a list of the gear I take with me and what has worked for me.

Backpack – Kuiu Icon 6000 – I haven’t used very many backpacks in my day, but this is by far the best I have ever had. It is lightweight and will handle more weight than I want to ever carry.

Tent – Easton Mountaineering Kilo 1 – The one person model is nice to save some weight, but this model is pretty small. I am 5’9″ and am about all that will fit. I also carry a silnylon tarp from Oware to use as a vestibule since this tent doesn’t have a very big one.

Sleeping Bag – Western Mountaineering Apache MF…

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