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Posted: 07/09/2012 in Archery, Events, News
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From Gold Tip’s FaceBook wall:

Top score of the day and a great comeback to finish third went Jesse Broadwater with only three of his Ultralight Pro 400’s out of the ten ring all day. Three of the top five Pros were shooting Gold Tip shafts! Rookie Pro Henry Bass finished a strong fifth place in his first Classic Championship


Congratulations Team Gold Tip!!! What a great weekend on the tournament trail for Gold Tip shooters. Tim Gillingham(center) wins the Classic in the Men’s Pro Division and the NFAA Men’s Pro 3-D Championship with a score of 74 up on 60 targets. Also pictured is the previous days winner of the car shootoff, Paul Teford(right) and Chris Berry who won the Bowhunter Freestyle Division in both the Classic and the National 3-D Championship. Chris is a long time Gold Tip Staff Shooter and has many wins to his credit.


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